From China to Cambodia

Bicycles in Shanghai Motorcycles in Siem Reap

From Shanghai in China (bicycles) I hopped back to Bangkok for a few nights before I took off to Siem Reap (motorcycles), Cambodia. Siem Reap Cambodia

Where the TV program was more interesting than the night market, but luckily I was only there for a short time before going off to Battambang and somewhat down memory lane.Battambang river

On my first trip to Cambodia, we were supposed to arrive on a boat in Battambang, but in April, the water levels in the river are often low that we had to switch to a truck. By the time we arrived in the provincial city, we were tired, dirty, hungry, and not amused. This time was a lot better.Battambang Cambodia

And the water levels were almost too high for everyone’s taste.flooded street in Battambang

The following day, we had an amazing dance ceremony before handing out the water ceremony Battambang


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