Avani Hotel Bangkok – Details that matter

AvaniOn the first visit to the Avani Hotel at the Chao Phraya River, just behind the Anantara hotel, I was very impressed by the sleek, modern look and the incredible view from the rooftop bar which is next to the infinity pool.Avani detailOn the second visit…oh well…I was less excited to check out a new hotel and that is when the “Details that matter” which is the credo of the hotel became apparent. The floor in the reception on the 16th floor was already damaged after only a few months. Or maybe it was dirty. It was not quite clear, but certainly it was weird to see this smudged marble floor right when you walk out of the elevator.Avani artThe art is quite interesting and the motto that all staff is wearing lavender are nice touches. The employees are general friendly until to get to the rooftop bar.
Avani view“Attitude” is the right name for the rooftop bar, because certainly the hostess had one. I carried a bag with some groceries, because at the end of the day we just wanted to have a nice sundowner and then were on our way home for dinner. Avani artShe told me that I was not allowed to take my plastic bag into the bar (or out to the bar, since it is outdoors). Well, I am pretty compliant and let her take my bag to deposit it in a small cupboard under the registration table. I asked her specifically that nothing will be placed on top of the bag.Avani viewIt was early and the bar was almost empty. Although some tables had reserved signs on them, I was pretty sure that the reservations were not until at least an hour or an hour and a half later. Nevertheless, the hostess took us to the least favorable table at the end of the bar, right next to a door. It turned out that the staff would get some of the drinks from inside the restaurant and some of the drinks from the outside bar.Avani art There was a constant come and go which would not have been too disturbing if the air condition was not cranked up to a maximum inside and the waiters constantly left the door open, so that the cold air made us shiver even in the usual Bangkok heat.Avani artWe repeatedly asked them to close the door and went to close the door several times ourselves, but the attitude of the hostess became frostier by the minute and probably soon matched the arctic temperatures inside. Apart from our discomfort, we really were upset that a Minor hotel would waste so much energy voluntarily.
It turned out that she also did not speak any Thai and might have taken offense that we ordered our drinks in Thai – which she probably was not able to understand.Avani view
Anyway, we enjoyed the view that is stunning, amazing and certainly worth a visit – maybe minus spending any money at the bar – and got ready to leave just after sundown. When I went to pick up my grocery bag, the new hostess did not know where it was and when I pointed out the small cupboard, we realized that someone had placed a big, heavy handbag on the top of my pastries.Avani view
To say the least, I was not amused. And I guess I have a hard time to believe that “Details matter” that much. As for me, this guest touchpoint certainly did not trigger the emotions that the hotel expects.


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