Borneoooooo – Born to be wild

The Dalai Lama says: once a year go somewhere where you have never been before. That should not be so difficult to do, right? However, with a few parameters in place it gets trickier every year.

a) it should be in Asia
b) it should be warmer than in Switzerland
c) it would be nice if it was fairly safe to go there
d) the place should be reachable in an ok amount of time (travel time considerably less than actual on the ground time)

So, Borneo! Easy, right?

Borneo is an island twice the size of German or Texas. Half belongs to Malaysia and the other half to Indonesia. To keep the danger criteria in mind, it is probably better to stay on the Malaysian side as it is rumored that there are still some tribes in the jungle that practice cannibalism (assuming they are in the Indonesia jungle).

Anyway, Borneo it was and it blew my mind! Here are a few impressions. More to follow.



What do you think?

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