I wish I was taller – Anantara Hydroponic Farm

19In the beginning of 2016, the Anantara Riverside hotel partnered with Bangsai Agricultural Centre, one of the few companies certified with credentials in hydroponic farming, for an urban farm project. Unassuming, the door to the hydroponic farm on the third-floor roof of the hotel, is accessible by key from the Business Center.3The lady opened the old wooden portal and let the visitors explore the garden by themselves. You can take as much time as you like.12Hydroponic farming is an ancient agricultural practice using nutrients and water, but requires no soil. This practice was first mentioned as early as 1627 by Francis Bacon who wrote about growing terrestrial plants without soil.16The environment is completely controlled and regulates light, temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, and nutrients. The nutrients are in a chemical form that is similar to what is found in dirt. The plants fed with them usually grow robustly and rapidly all year around regardless of the season and weather.
10Anantara’s 2,800 square meter rooftop hydroponic farm with weather controlled greenhouses, that are built with biodegradable materials, provides hotel guests and visitors with a local experience and is home to melons, tomatoes, green zucchini, cucumbers, mixed greens, rocket salads, and micro greens as well as all kinds of Asian and Western vegetables and salads. Literally, you can see your food grow. According to the website, about 12-50 kg per day can be harvested and used in the hotel kitchens for wholesome meals, but currently, the salads and tomatoes are still pretty small and need to do a lot of growing before they go anywhere.
2With the emerging trend of wanting to know where the food comes from, Anantara’s waiters just point to the ceiling. As the farm is still pretty unknown, there are plans for seminars, training, educating children, and further promoting sustainable efforts in sharing a healthy lifestyle through this rewarding initiative.
17Anantara is not new to having a positive impact on the environment. The hotel won the ASEAN Green Hotel Award 2015 and the Green Global Certification as well as gold status from Green Growth 2050, the global sustainability certification standard for travel and tourism.1


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