Spidermen in Bangkok

3Have you ever wondered whether you are in the right job and career?

The other day, we heard a loud bang on the office windows. We are on the eighth floor, not that high, but too high that someone would knock on our windows from the outside. Behind the drawn curtains we made out some figures dangling in mid-air (or mid-window).1The window-cleaners!

We watched them with growing concern for their safety. Similar to their facade-painting colleagues, they are secured with a single rope from the roof of the building and they work their way down, cleaning windows as they go. No safety nets, no helmets or other protections – just this one rope.4But as the iceman, the window-cleaning spidermen seemed to have a good time at work, laughing and chatting with each other seemingly without any worries.

Wanna swop your office job? Not me.


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