Complicated noodles…DIY project for lunch

I know, I know, posting about food is a cheap way out, but I was kind of busy and hey, this was new to me.

greyhound-cafeA few weeks ago I went to the Greyhound Cafe at Central Chidlom for the first time. My friend suggested that we order “complicated noodles” and I was of course intrigued. I have never heard of them before and have never tasted them before – so let’s do it.

complicated-noodles-rm26Out comes a wooden cutting board with square sheets of rice noodle, a head of lettuce with a little wooden knife in it, a bowl of minded pork and another smaller bowl of chili sauce. In Malaysia they serve this dish with chicken instead of pork.

This is basically a do-it-yourself dish stacking the salad leaf, the noodle, the pork, and the chili and then rolling it all up. It’s fresh, delicious and you feel like you accomplished something. We ate it as a starter and shared the generous portions and still were able to take leftovers home.



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