Yu Jordy Fu’s cloud – my Sunday afternoon distraction


The connecting bridge between Gaysorn Plaza shopping mall and the skytrain skywalk lures visitors with whimsical designs. Definitely distracted me from my original objective to get to Big C grocery store as quickly as possible.


Soon after I hung out at the usually almost deserted Gaysorn shopping mall, taking pictures of the sculpture that is suspended in the atrium of the mall.


Yu Jordy Fu is a Chinese artist who was also a TED speaker and is the CEO and Creative Director at M&J, a design company in London with offices in Bangkok and Shanghai. She creates works of art that speak of love, passion and happiness. This is certainly how I felt when I saw her installation at the mall. It stopped me in my tracks and took me on a memory trip.


The sculpture reminded me of Fuchur, the dragon, in The Never Ending story by Michael Ende, which I read several times when I was little.


Yu Jordi combined intricate techniques with 3D technology creating this 250-meter unique sculpture and light feature. The white laser-cut aluminum cloud is versatile and shows Yu Jordi Fu’s love for design and art.

Yu Jordy Fu elephant

She also participated in the elephant parade with a fantastical elephant creature representing the beauty and complex natural ecosystem of Thailand.


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