Vivaldi on steroids

Music hall at Chulalongkorn University
Music hall at Chulalongkorn University

I think I have never been to a percussion “only” concert before. Well, except for our kindergarden group when we all banged on our xylophones and made a lot of noise.

Or if I did go to a percussion concert, then it must have been for some alternative music style or during an open air concert. I certainly never went to a classical percussion concert. I actually I thought percussions were drums, not xylophones or sticcados – ignorance…;-)

In March and April Chulalongkorn University put on the “Art Music Fest” and one of the music evenings was this said concert.

There were probably around ten to twelve big wooden percussions, read xylophones, set up on stage in a loose horseshoe formation. The musicians were, all dressed in black, fairly serious, while waiting for their cue from the conductor – a fellow percussionist.

The intro was a moving selection of the Nutcracker Op. 71 that instantly transported me far away from a mundane workday into a magical night at the music hall.

The main piece “Vivaldi’s four seasons” ,originally written for violins, was masterfully and skilfully interpreted by the percussion artists. I was impressed that at times they were holding and using four drumsticks simultaneously. The concert’s allegro parts were carried out with such grace and speed that it left the audience holding its breath.

photo 3
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What a treat and kudos to the percussionists for a truly delightful evening of music. And it was free…


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