Awesome – One year and going strong!

2016-03-12 12.17.15

The beach report has to wait.

The last few weeks, I went through a rough patch health and emotion wise. While trying to keep everything together, I had no time and muse to write about the amazing beaches I visited, to complete the blogging online course I signed up for or do everything else. But not to worry! I am back on track. 😉

I got catapulted out of my writer’s block or stupor by a poem. Yes, a poem. Sekou Andrews is the man! I listen to his long-form poem “I am awesome” for the first time a few days ago. And will probably listen to it over and over again.

The poem had a similar effect on me as the commencement speech by Neil Gaiman Make good art” – a youtube video I keep revisiting when I feel down, doubted or just frustrated.

Sekou’s poem brought me back to base – why I am awesome and why my life here in Thailand is amazing. Just looking at my little blog right here, warms my heart. I started it one year ago! Although it is still modest, I love it – I go back and look at the pictures and marvel at all the mini adventures I had in just one year. And those are just a tiny snapshots of what was happening every single amazing and awesome day.

Why would I not feel like a princess?




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