Teaser – Myanmar beach – hidden gem Ngapali

photo 1It was an amazing adventure, albeit no internet connection. Well, I should say, the WiFi was advertised everywhere, but it didn’t really work. What a wonderful way to get away from everything.

So, Ngapali beach might just become my new most favorite place in the world (after Bangkok of course)!

The only decent way to get there at the moment is by small airplane from Yangon. It will take just over 50 minutes. The landing at Thandwe is kind of adventurous as the plane sets down on a runway that seems to come out of the ocean and the beach. In the distance (at the end of the runway…so not too far) the hills are blocking the view of the mainland. Since there are more than five aircraft companies with almost daily flights to Thandwe, one assumes that they know how to stop the plane in time before it crashes into one of the rocks ahead.

After the landing, there was absolutely no other excitement for the next couple of days…

Just a little teaser of what the beach looks like…more to follow soon…


photophoto 2


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