Bangkok and other signs – on your path…

Taxi rules
Taxi rules


As a communicator I go through life and come across signs, billboards and other outdoor communications that speaks to me. The following are part of my Asian story:

IMG_0022When I left Zurich airport in September 2012, I had no specific idea where this would adventure would take me:

I had a vague idea where it would lead me:

Amazing Thailand
Amazing Thailand

But further than that, I wasn’t sure of my destination or which way to turn:photo-17

There were all these warnings:





























That were confusing and disturbing, so I came across this mug:


But decided to pay more attention to other signs around me – after all I am:


I guess that means “nerd” beyond any help.

But after all, I had landed in Bangkok – Paradise:


To live a life of adventure: Where anything goes: just follow the path.


Where you feel like the hero of your world if you choose to:

photo-14Where you can live according to your beliefs, or actions:

IMG_299978845716655And try to make a difference:

FB_IMG_1444180358647And reach your goal:

happyThe way you imagine it:



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