Ferry to downtown

According to many Bangkonians the Central Business District and as such Bangkok itself ends at the river. I live on the other side!

Krung Thon Buri  was the original capital and still spears some statues and historical places for tourists who stay more than three days in the city of Angels. For everybody else – it’s somewhere far away.

On a normal day it takes me about 20 minutes door to to door from home to my office. Many of my co-workers have a much longer commute to work. However, currently we don’t have “normal days”. Our private ferry boat pier is being repaired and we have to take the public ferry across the river.

From my place it is about a 5-minute walk on which I pass the bus stop at the busy Charoen Nakorn road, the public park under the Thaksin bridge. Depending on the time of day, I see the elderly ladies do their aerobics to the latest beats or joggers making their rounds in the park. At the end of the park is an open air gym. Worth another blog post by itself. Strong men of all ages sweat in the early morning hours and show their bulging muscles.

Near the ferry pier it’s animal kingdom: dogs, chickens, and a hug overweight black pig lounge around. These are just the ones that are not afraid to be seen. I am sure there are many others that stick to the shadows…

View from the ferry

The fare to get across is 3 bath (10 cents). I still have not figured out the schedule, but on work days it leaves about every 10 minutes. The ferry itself is more like a platform with chairs.

No railings or safety measures (the life jackets are stacked on the pier on the other side of the river). Passengers can basically bring anything they like on the boat – their personal belongings, their bikes, their lunches, breakfasts, dinners, their shopping, their houseware and products that they either bought at the market on our side or things to sell at the market on the other side.

Ready to jump?
Ready to jump?

It takes about one and a half minutes to cross and arrive in Bangkok!


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