Bangkok gone beastly

During the last gallery night we went to the Jam Factory (behind the Never Ending Summer restaurant). Although it should have been a planned visit, we more or less stumbled upon the video installation of a Japanese artist.

I was totally drawn to it, because it was a project filmed at my door step. She filmed sleeping soi dogs (street dogs) at the pier across from my apartment. This is almost a pleonasm because soi dogs are sleeping 95% of their time (eating 3% and walking around 2%). She put an old-fashioned alarm clock next to them and filmed their reaction when it went off. I thought at least one of them would bark or attack the alarm clock – but none of them did….what do you know? This is Thailand, even the dogs are Buddhists.

doggie2With another group of friends I went to the entertainment district Soi 4 in Silom where we discovered the LOL Lair of Laziness Cafe. And watched much better groomed dogs sleeping. Apparently it is a new trend to go to coffee shops to hang out with dogs or cats, if you feel you need a friend to cuddle.


Finally, I read the Inspire Bangkok newsletter for something interesting to do on the weekend and I came across the Karma Cat Yoga class advertisement. In this class they bring in stray cats that walk around while you are doing your yoga. Mmmmhhh….

Yoga cat
Yoga cat

During the rainy season, it rains cats and dogs almost daily. I think this will suffice for me…


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