Rare treat and great challenge – Dusit Thani coffee

This morning I met with someone at the Dusit Thani Hotel cafe which is just a stone’s throw away from my office (actually, technically, in the same building as they are connected). I ordered a nice cup of “Americano” coffee which is a “caffè lungo” or a “black coffee” for everyone else in the world. It comes in this wonderful, great cup…

Dusit Thani coffee set
Dusit Thani coffee set

Now the challenge began….this cup is conceptualized for right-handed people! I tried to turn it left and right and hold it in different positions, but it is impossible for a left-handed person to get “a grip” on it. Plus, you cannot hold the cup with both hands, because the coffee is actually hot. So finally, delicately, I picked it up with my right hand and worried throughout the process that I might spill the coffee on my dress. The coffee is great (and expensive) and the conversation was probably too, but I was too focused on figuring out how to drink the coffee, that I must have missed at least 50%.


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