Kohler and the Arts Exhibition

10408486_1715771038650477_4738737533056633410_nGaysorn Shopping Center near Chitlom was busier on Friday afternoon than any other time I have ever walked through. My destination was the white space on the first floor where lots of people in dark suits and black cocktail dresses crowded around a stage to see the first Kohler and the Arts Exhibition in Bangkok. At the sign-in table I got my Kohler Bold Art sticker and soon wandered off to the exhibition space. The traveling exhibition features six Asian artists from Thailand, Malaysia, China, Singapore, the Philippines, and Vietnam. This event is the inaugural exhibition in Southeast Asia following the smashing success it had in previous years in North Asia and the US. Kohler probably best known around this part of the world for toilets and faucets is a leading US company in innovative design and craftsmanship in kitchen and bath products. Some of the creations are in the permanent collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. In the well-illuminated space each of the artists displayed two specially designed pieces on how they see the changes in their lives combined with a cultural perspective and the interconnectedness of today’s world.11350540_1715771268650454_5351845693420303246_n The sculptures and ceramics invite for reflections of our past and contemplation of our future. However, on Friday, the place was bustling with guests, friends and employees of Kohler, weaving in and out of the crowd, only stopping for quick photo next to the amazing art pieces displayed.11393233_1715771078650473_2013600467255683851_n Impressively, and exhibition unlike, I saw quite a few people touch the pieces and the Thai artist Sudsiri Pui-Ock even picked one of her “feet” up to show the maps carved into the bottom of the statue to show it to interested visitors.10422300_1715771298650451_6793883066313145371_n The other artist in situ was James Seet from Malaysia whom I asked how he can fit a full time career as an associate creative director in an international advertising agency and sculpting by night into one day. He says “with very little sleep”. On his phone, he showed me some of the pieces he produced combining his art with his job – advertising campaigns and designs that touch the heart. The event was well organized with lots of media and probably important people there – sorry, I was talking to the artists 😉 and got distracted by the shoes – even Mr. Kohler himself came out to Asia to open this interesting small exhibition. kohler11 kohler 5 I will certainly go back and hope for a quieter time to study the art pieces in more detail.


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