Brasserie 9 – Asiatique

Great architectureTo go to Brasserie 9, a fine French restaurant, you take the free shuttle boat for Asiatique – one of the newer shopping complexes in Bangkok from the main pier at the Chao Phraya river (Saphan Taksin). Asiatique is located at the riverfront in old renovated warehouses and offers a unique shopping experience – for those who seek that.

Great start - salmon amuse bouche
Great start – salmon amuse bouche




Luckily I had been to Brasserie 9 before and had checked the map again, so I hurried determinedly through the openair mall to the waterfront. The Brasserie 9 has a nice patio / garden, but it just started to rain and the last guests were either fleeing inside or leaving the restaurant in a hurry.

The interior is a great space with exposed iron bars and beams and old railroad sleepers. The center of the restaurant is a raised encased platform that divides the room nicely and gives the diners a feeling of intimacy and space at the same time. Unfortunately, last Thursday night, the restaurant was almost empty.

I was the guest of the owner company MD, so we got 5-star treatment. I missed the cocktails at the open bar – because I was 7 minutes late -, but when we were seated I got an amazing mocktail, because I did not want to try the French wine that was offered.

Apple sherbet
Apple sherbet

My friend had put together an amazing 5-course dinner which was rounded off with an amuse-bouche in the beginning and friandise at the end. I let the pictures of the food speak for itself.


Holy cow – beef!!!

OK – that’s better – beef
Mmmhhhh - apple tart
Mmmhhhh – apple tart

We wined and dined from about 7:45 to close to 11:00 p.m. The atmosphere of the restaurant is elegant and friendly at the same time. And that Thursday night – very quiet. French chansons are playing in the background and the waiters are very attentive.

Schoggi Chueche
Schoggi Chueche

After the dessert and before the brandy I had to use the restroom. It seems to cause a momentary embarrassment or commotion. I could not really put my finger on it. But there was some discussion going on which I did not quite understand. After all, I didn’t think it was such an outrageous request, was it?

After a few awkward moments, the maître d’ accompanied me to the restaurant entrance door where another waiter was waiting for me. We walked a few meters into the openair mall and turned the corner to a small alley. I thought he was going to take me to the public toilet, but when we rounded another corner, I saw that the restaurant has one toilet reserved for them (next to the public toilet). I felt a bit weird going to the loo while the waiter was waiting for me out front. So, I finished quickly and we walked back again – him leading the way, me following.

At the end of the evening I also learnt something new about drinking Calvados. The waiter warmed the brandy glasses with a hand torch – that I thought would be used to make crème brûlé or such things. I asked my host about it and he explained that it will bring out the flavor of the liquor. And it did!

When we finished the meal and all, we discussed our options to return to the city. Normally, I would take the shuttle boat back as it lands just at the next pier over from our house shuttle boat. However, I thought it was already too late and I was considering taking a taxi. Upon leaving the restaurant, the maître d’ informed me that the shuttle would run until 11.30 and it was just before 11.00 p.m. So, I bade my friends goodbye and waited in line with the tourists to be taken back to Saphan Taksin.

The boat only takes about 10 minutes and is a great way to reflect on a perfect evening, in good company and a delicious, amazingly presented meal.

I have no idea about the prices at the Brasserie 9, but as it is labeled fine French cuisine, I assume that it is probably rather expensive – and so it says on TripAdvisor! Still it was a great experience and if the craving for warm apple tart comes… I now know the perfect place for it.Brasserie9_inside


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