Dolphin viewpoint – Samut Sakhon

If you were looking for the reference for Dolphin viewpoint in the last post….welcome to my chronologically challenged brain! It was not there, but in the draft section. But it was a nice place to visit, so here we go… IMG_1845_1

From Amphoe Phra Samut Chedi we did not turn around and head back to Bangkok, because we were convinced that there is more to see in the Chao Phraya “delta”. Anyway, we were on the way to Kanchanaburi in the West and we did not want to drive on the highway to get there.

From the Navy station, we had to turn around and follow the road north for a bit, because there were no other roads going off to the West. At some point, we came to a crossroad near a small river and we took the chance to follow the road inland. After a few kilometers, it dead-ended in the middle of a field or rather the road became a dirt path that was not navigateable with the small rental car. We turned around and followed the main road for another few kilometers north. At the next crossroad we tried again. The road was broader and looked more promising. There were also signs towards the next temple and every once in a while there was an oncoming car – even some Bangkok taxis – which gave us the confidence that this was a road leading to somewhere. It did – very specifically it led to the said temple – Wat Sakla. And ended there. We are not easily discouraged and after asking a taxi driver which way to go – not that there were tons of options – he talked at length which I interpreted as “take the next left”. But maybe he said something completely different… We followed his “advice” and found ourselves crossing Khlong Sapphasamit river, and continuing on tiny little roads crisscrossing among fish farms and rice fields, it seemed, in the middle of nowhere, but looking at the kilometers that we had driven, we were still less than 100 km away from Bangkok. After Khlong Suan, the paved roads turned into dirt roads and then into sandy trails for a while. We thought we’d have to turn around for lack of having a four-wheel drive and fear that we might get stuck in the mud without food and water. But finally, after pushing on for a bit more, we came to an intersection. It was impossible to determine where on the map we were – I heard the unspoken reproach that we should have taken a GPS with us – but then…. nothing on the map, nothing on the GPS. We were in rural Thailand. Turning south would take us inevitably to the Gulf of Thailand. A bigger road with road signs and traffic signals gave us hope of going in the right direction. At last, we saw a sign that announced the “Dolphin viewpoint” – nowhere to be found on the map – but who does not want to see dolphins playing in the water? We arrived at another end of the road where we saw a few buildings and a temple or shrine. The view was absolutely amazing, gazing out on the Gulf and watching boats in the distance rewarded us for the adventure. Not that there were any dolphins to be seen, but it may not have been the right time of the day or season. We ate in the restaurant overlooking the water and enjoyed a very laid back, leisurely and quiet lunch. Dolphin viewpoint is about 15 km east of Samut Sakhon.


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