Sweet Saltine Crackers

IMG_1988_1Everything in Thailand contains sugar! My Thai friend tells me that she even puts it in tomato sauce. But there comes a time, when I want SALT.

Or more specifically saltine crackers! The first attempt was tuna paté with crackers. The paté tastes great, but the crackers are sweet. Yiiek! Sure you can buy the European or American brands…no sugar added, but who wants to pay 100 ++ baht (USD 3 up) for crackers?

After no success at Villamarket, Tops or ValuMax, my next stop was Fuji Supermarket, my favorite grocery store. What I got was reasonable – 40 baht – but still sugary.


IMG_1976_1Ready to resign myself to either paying a higher price or not eating saltine crackers, I went clothes shopping at Platinum. On the way back I stopped at Big C – cos it’s there and usually cheap – I usually go there fir kitchenware, cheap coffee and noodles.

Baam! Right on. Great brand at good price. Only draw back: Big C is really not on my usual way. Got to stock up for the next craving or wait for promotions on other brands.


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